Our process for installing comprehensive energy solutions is set up so that you are always informed and understand every step from the free consultation to flipping the switch on.

From start to finish, we ensure you have the best possible energy solution for your needs.


Free Assessment

Whether you’re curious about the cost or dedicated to revolutionizing your energy consumption, we will do a free assessment of your roof to see what your needs are and where we can provide valuable information on exactly how our systems benefit you.


The Design

We develop and engineer a custom and unique design with everything from each wire used to the panels themselves. We assure local and national codes are met, necessary permits are obtained, and your desires are satisfied with our final design and pricing.


The Installation

Where we install the system on your home or business and make your solar energy dreams a reality. We will then commission your system for maximum production and safety, and complete our final inspection.


Flip The Switch

This is the best part – once we receive approval from the utility company you are able to flip the switch and power your home with your very own electricity!

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